I’m saved… now what? That’s the question many new converts ask. What do I do next. Now that I’ve trusted Christ and committed my life to him as a Christian how do I grow in Christ?

Every new convert should be mentored by a mature, grounded, settled Christian. Ask Pastor Kerns, Sis. Donna, Bro. Albert, Sis. Arla, Bro. Jake,  or Sis. Sharron,  and they will be glad to assist you in your Christian journey.

There are some things that you as a new convert and seasoned saint that we could and should do. We will use the word GROWTH to guide us:

G – Go to God in Prayer everyday and Go to Church as often as possible
R  Read your King James Bible everyday (if you don’t have one ask us and we’ll be glad to get you one)
O – Obey God by following in Believer’s Baptism
W  Witness and tell others of your commitment to Christ
T  Tithe and contribute financially to your local Church
H  Heed the voice of the Spirit of God as he directs you according to the Word of God

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