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This Post will continually be edited and will grow and expand. These are suggested ways to pray for your Pastor week by week and day by day.

Week 1 Pray about his Walk With the Lord
Day 1 Pray for his Personal Devotion
Day 2 Pray for his Prayer Life
Day 3 Pray for his Protection
Day 4 Pray that he will Persevere
Day 5 Pray that he will be Pliable (bending to the will of God)
Day 6 Pray that he will be Poised - self control
Day 7 Pray that he will be Persistent in his Walk

Week 2 Pray for his Witness for the Lord
Day 8 Pray for a burden
Day 9 Pray for blessings on his witness
Day 10 Pray that he won't be Barren
Day 11 Pray that he (and the Church) will Bear fruit
Day 12 Pray for Boldness
Day 13 Pray that he will be about the Father's Business
Day 14 Pray that God will remove all Barriers - nothing to hinder

Week 3 Pray as he Leads us in Worship of the Lord
Day 15 Pray as he Prepares
Day 16 Pray as he Preaches
Day 17 Pray for Power
Day 18 Pray for Passion
Day 19 Pray for Purity
Day 20 Pray for the Presence of the Holy Spirit in his life
Day 21 Pray that Worship would Prevail in all services

Week 4 Pray for his Welfare
Day 22 Spiritually
Day 23 Mentally
Day 24 Emotionally
Day 25 Physically
Day 26 Financially
Day 27 Pray for his Family relationships
Day 28 Pray for his Relationships with Church Members

Week 5 Pray for Wisdom
Day 29 Pray that he will be Sensitive to the Spirit
Day 30 Pray that he will be Sacrificial and Selfless
Day 31 Pray that he will be Sincere